Looking for the best vape flavors imaginable? Look no further. Our unique collection of premium flavor THC vape juice and THC Vape oils is well-suited for any occasion. Whether you want to kick back with friends and puff some powerful RAW THC vape juice, we’ve got you covered! 

Our Best Pure THC Vape Oil Vape and Flavors Contain: 

Our Hybrid THC vape juice flavors come packed with a heady combination of D8+D9+D10+THCO that can get you lifted AF. Our high quality Pure THC vape juice flavors can get you plenty buzzed but, depending on how many puffs, have the advantage of keeping things so mellow that you can probably avoid getting busted at work. 

Different Types of THC Vape Oil Strains And Flavors

Different Types of THC Vape Oil Strains And Flavors

At Delta8pods, we utilize a variety of different cannabinoids to bring you a stoney experience unlike anything else. From Delta 8 to Delta 9, we have something for everyone! Don’t worry if you’re only hip to THC and CBD, in this brief overview we’ll teach you everything you need to know about our awesome THC vapes.

Best Delta 8/9 Vape THC Vape Oil Strains and Flavors

Many people consider Delta 8 thc vape juice hybrid and indica flavors  to be the perfect middle-ground between CBD and THC. Looking to enjoy a mellow body+head buzz? Delta 8 THC vape flavors are the way to go. This psychoactive cannabinoid is an isomer of Delta-9 THC and is one of 113 cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa. Sounds fancy? It just means that D8 is derived from THC. You know THC.. It’s what gets you lit when you smoke weed!

Delta 8 THC provides the perfect blend of body mellowness and head buzz. We want you to enjoy the sweetest experience imaginable, so we include 1250mg of premium Delta 8 in our hybrid vape pens. This gives you such a perfectly balanced lift that it’ll make you wonder where we’ve been all your life!

Best Delta 9 THC Vape Oil Strains and Flavors

Best Delta 9 THC Vape Oil Strains and Flavors

Delta 9 THC vape flavors and OIL strains may sound like a foreign cannabinoid but if you’ve ever tried Delta 9, Then you’ve already had your first Delta 9 THC experience. Most people refer to Delta 9 simply as “THC”. This is the cannabinoid in marijuana that gives you all the feels. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is arguably the most psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s like the king of all cannabinoids.  That’s why we include a hearty serving of Delta 9 in our hybrid THC vape juice flavors and oil strains!

Delta 9 THC exists in both Cannabis Indica strains (hemp) and Cannabis Sativa strains (AKA marijuana, mary-jane, el diablo verde) . To keep things legal, all of the Delta 9 used in our Pure THC vape flavors is extracted from industrial-grade hemp. This means that you can puff without worrying about the cuff! Pretty clever, huh? 

 A lot of people say they feel a more powerful body buzz with Indica and a more prominent head-lift with Sativa. Whether you’re a Sativa lover or an Indica enthusiast or a Hybrid madhead, we have the perfect THC vape flavor for you. Our hybrid THC vape flavors are available in Indica, hybrid, and Sativa options. They also include 5mg of powerful Delta 9 THC so you can enjoy a super heady experience at a moment’s notice. Looking for a powerful Delta 9 THC vape juice or Oils strains? WeBeHigh has your back!

Pure THC Vape Oil strains and Flavors

When you vape, you want to feel it. And when you want to really feel it, there’s no better cannabinoid than a Pure thc vape juice in a vape pen! While many people are willing to debate that Delta-9 is the most psychoactive cannabinoid, we feel that if you’re looking for a particularly trippy buzz, Pure THC oil is the way to go. 

Pure THC vape juice is a Real cannabinoid that is a real product of THC. This essentially means that it is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, it is the chemical twin of THC. 

Live Resin Vape THC Flavors

Most of our Live resinTHC vape pens are made with distillate, but we also make some insanely high-quality live resin flavors! Live Resin offers a slightly more mellow buzz than distillate, which is perfect for the space cadet on the go. Our Live Resin Vape flavors are disposable, packed with 2 grams of premium cannabinoids, and super convenient. Whether you’re looking for HHC live resin or THC-O live resin, We’ve got you covered!

Choose From a Wide Variety of THC Vape Flavors

At DELTA8PODS, we have our flavor profiles down to a science! We love the bold taste of cannabis and modeled each of our THC vape flavors to bring you the flavor and feel of classic strains. 

One of the things that make our flavors stand out is that they provide the distinct flavors of your favorite strains with a little twist! Whether it’s the subtle taste of citrus with our Lemon Jack disposable, the sweet & creamy taste of Wedding Cake indica, or the fruity flavonoids of our Rainbow Sherbert pen, these babies are bound to leave you smiling!

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