Garanimals – Indica – Live Resin Cart 1g


Product description

Garanimals | Indica | 1.0g | Limited Edition Live Resin Cartridge

Garanimals, known for its delicious cookies flavor and strong euphoric high, has quickly become a West Coast favorite. Bred by Cannarado Genetics by crossing Grape Pie with Animal Cookies, it takes no stretch of the imagination to predict its instant rise to fame.

Flavor: The nostalgic flavor is like sweet and creamy cookies fresh out of the oven.

Effects: Calm, Euphoric, Bliss

Alpine Limited Edition Live Resin cartridges are craft cannabis at its finest. 100% Pure Live Resin. Single source liquified diamonds and terpenes.

We qualify only the most delicious flavors and complex aromas for our Limited Edition releases.


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